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we got a phone in August we have had problems for a month and call several time they have figured the problem but the phone needs to be sent in --well you have no loner phones now with the merge and this is my husbands work phone so how can we send it in to be fixed with no phone to use while its being fixed (and it is the phone that is not working) So you have no customer service it is a moto Z6w if that is a problem phone? so if their is someone who reads this and knows how to get better customer service from what used to be centennial please help all at&t wanted was to upgrade and make us spend more money--not what we wanted to do--do you?

Monetary Loss: $72.

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So there is a problem with your phone huh? And you blame Centennial?

Why? It's not their fault your Moto Z6w is not working. They didn't make it. You are killing me here, as I ready through you say that they offered to fix it and you turned it down becasue you didn't want to be without a phone.

What do you think they are........ Does a computer company or anyone else give you a loaner when that stuff is being fixed? NOOOOO.

Quit whining and get a new phone if you want it to work. You know you are a redneck when you expect everything done for free.


What do expect from a greedy corporation. Buy a cheap phone and be done with it.

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